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The Power of Overcoming

Genesis Amaris Kemp is a Visionary Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, and Author. I recently had the opportunity to join Genesis on her radio segment, "The Power of Overcoming," which was hosted by Ngozi Time Multimedia. I felt truly honored when she extended an invitation for me to cohost the segment alongside her on Monday, June 5, 2023 and requested my bio. The conversation we had during the radio show was nothing short of empowering and inspiring. We delved into topics that shed light on the strength of the human spirit and the potential to overcome any obstacle. If you missed the live broadcast, don't worry! You can catch the replay of this impactful discussion, accompanied by uplifting music, by going here. In case you're new here, allow me to reintroduce myself by sharing a bit about myself in the form of my bio(s). Please write me back and let me know which one you like best. As a final thought, please know that together, we can shape a better tomorrow.


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