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Spreading Hope and Empowerment on National Give Something Away Day

I'm thrilled to finally announce the release date for my upcoming book, "Joy Comes: A Story of Fatherhood." Save the date - July 15, 2023, which also happens to be National Give Something Away Day. This special occasion perfectly aligns with the message I aim to share, the power of giving and spreading hope through storytelling.

In the pages of "Joy Comes," readers will embark on a transformative journey alongside the primary character, Lamar. Together, they'll witness how joy can emerge from the darkest moments of pain, offering solace and guiding us towards healing.

To all the single parents and their children, this book is dedicated to you. It carries a message of hope, reminding you that you're never alone on your journey. Let's find strength and resilience together, rising above life's challenges.

Moving along, I'm deeply grateful and humbled for the kind words from Thomas Anderson, Editor in Chief of Literary Titan. In his professional review, he mentioned, "Moone's authentic care for his readers, who are enduring similar hardships, permeates his prose, reassuring them that solace awaits on their journey. This relatable narrative serves as an invaluable companion for young readers seeking to comprehend the complexities surrounding absent fathers, providing the much-needed guidance they seek." You can find the full review on their website by going here. We also did a heartfelt interview that he'll be publishing soon so stay tuned.

As we eagerly await National Give Something Away Day, I invite you to join the conversation. Please share your own experiences, reflections, and moments of joy that have emerged from your personal pain. Let's create a supportive community where understanding and empowerment flourish.


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Can’t wait!!!

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