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My Dad by Choice

My dad, Terry Westry isn’t my dad biologically. He's my dad because he chooses to be. He’s also not my daughters biological grandpa. He’s her grandpa because he chooses to be. But perhaps most importantly, we chose him.

My dad always remembers my daughters birthday, Christmas, and makes an effort to show up. I should talk about and recognize him more often but I don’t and I can’t pinpoint exactly why. I surmise the reason being is that it’s due to hurt within me due to the fact that I never had a relationship with my biological father (R.I.P.) and an up and down relationship with my mom. Coupling those things with my knowing that I’m not biologically my dad’s child is my supposed reason.

Those things aside, I have decided that my second children's book will be about my dad and I. It will be a follow-up to my critically acclaimed and world renown first children's book, Dear Daughter. I'm speaking it into existence so let me have it in the spirit of good vibes only. At any rate, my book about my dad and I will be a symbol of love and appreciation for him. I’ve spoken with my illustrator and he’s looking forward to helping me bring the project to life. We have a title and concept picked out and everything. I won’t be sharing any details as of yet however. What I will say is that it will be a gift for black boys who are hurting. But most of all, it will be a gift of love to my dad. In other words, I’m going to give him his roses while I still can. But not only that, it will perhaps be a gift of healing for myself and others.

The beauty of it all is that my favorite children’s book is entitled Me and My Dad as previously prefaced. It’s a book that my daughter and I used to read nightly when she was much younger. And we still treasure it to this day. Be on the lookout for the book in 2022. But most of all, I love and appreciate you Pops.


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