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Karmen A Novel

Nathan (N.J.) Porter is a native of Camden, New Jersey. He served as a Chaplain Assistant in the US Air Force from 2002 - 2008. Chaplain Assistants help organize and prepare for ministering to Airmen. They specifically help with counseling. N.J. followed these experiences up by receiving a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) from the University of South Florida in 2011. There he served in the Gospel Choir, Faces Modeling Association, and STOMP Step Team to name a few organizations.

N.J. had a vision of a young woman who had suffered from psychological trauma due to being bullied throughout her teenage years. He said that this vision was inspired by a litany of reports that he read about bullying and its traumatic impact on people. This was intriguing to me because I’ve been bullied and still live with some of the outcome. This story isn’t about me though, it’s about N.J. becoming an author.

His first book, Karman A Novel introduces a patient named Karman Anderson. She discussed traumatic episodes that she’d experienced throughout her teenage years with her therapist. Karman struggled with forgiving those tormentors until she met a new friend. She decided to seek restitution in her own way following this encounter in this psychological thriller. Each chapter made me think outside of the box in creating new theories in my head. They also made me wonder how everyone was connected because some of the characters literally did nothing wrong yet they became victims of Karman’s torment. An example of this came where N.J. wrote, “Ok. So you’re saying that none of you caused any problems with anyone, yet it’s been horrifyingly obvious someone’s coming after y’all. Though you may not see it right now, there’s a connection.”That statement left me wondering about all the possible connections, the time frames, or what they might have done wrong to Karman.

NJ.’s goal in writing Karman is to help fight against bullying by focusing on how it has the potential to adversely affect others using karma, psychology, irony, and supernatural events as the teachers. It makes you take everything in so you can understand why the characters ended up where they are. I literally read it twice because I felt like I had missed key details somewhere when coming up with my own theories as well as the plot-line. Karman left me on the edge of my seat throughout and I loved it. I would highly encourage that you purchase a copy of it in support of this military veteran especially if you’re into thrillers. You can grab copies of it by going here.

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