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Coloring and Activity Sheets

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Haelee and I worked with Krystle Bauer, CEO and Founder of 314 Kreative Kreations to design coloring and activity sheets. We were planning on creating and a coloring book as a compliment to her book. We were going to release it for sale next month. We changed our minds after having a conversation with her Girl Scout Mom, Nayla Davis-Byrd. Nayla is the CEO and Founder of The Kraft Boulevard. She provided that Haelee’s content is solely needed amongst teens and young adults. As such, we will be offering the coloring and activity sheets at no cost as opposed to selling a full fledged coloring book. We will be releasing one per month going forward. We will release them along with several other exciting items and activities so please stay tuned. The first coloring sheet is provided below. Please feel free to print it out, color it, and share it with Haelee on social media. Oh and special thanks to Krystle and Nayla.

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