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Big Boss Santa

My 15-year-old daughter, Haelee published her first book when she was 12-years-old. She’s since went onto then found her own company called The Rules of a Big Boss LLC. The companies core principles are to elevate, and empower children and families. Through it she’s inspired others to publish their own stories. One of those persons is me and another is Markeeter Knox. And last but not least is 6 year old Trinity Ellison. Trinity is the author of the newly released book entitled Brown Girls Have Superheroes Too. Her book helps children find heroes that are closer to home like Haelee. That makes Haelee not only her publisher but her mentor as well.

Don’t be a secret Santa. Be a Big Boss Santa and give your kid’s the gift of empowerment this Christmas. Buy them a book for, Haelee’s store on her website and tell the, how much you love them. In doing so you won’t just be buying them a present, you’ll be buying their self-esteem.


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