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2022 Will Be Brighter

Do you have a special highlight from 2021, like one that let you know that 2022 will be bright(er)?

Well one of mine was when me and my Dad got to sit down and do a reading and Q&A of my children’s book, The Rules of a Little Boss with Sam Martin, Head of Children’s Services, Randolph County Library on December 16, 2021.

It was really fun because Sam is like the nicest person ever. She works super hard to promote literacy in young children through fun. But most of all my Dad didn’t embarrass me.

Please visit Randolph County on Facebook for details on other events like this in 2022. You just might catch my dad and I sitting in the audience as participants or on the stage as facilitators. You can also catch a replay of this and other events in their original format by visiting Randolph County on YouTube.

Please make sure that you support public libraries so that they can deliver more programs like this. You can do so through donations of any amount, getting a library card, volunteering, etc.

Happy New Year everyone. And thank you Randolph County for having us.


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